Realising the potential of digitising their multimedia assets, Supahoney NFTs are a fusion of enigmatic visuals combined with original audio recorded by the band. Their first collection is called 'Every Cell In Your Body', sharing its name with their debut album releasing November 10. This collection and all future collections will be accessable and tradeable via the OpenSea website using blockchain technology.

“We are excited to share with you our endeavours on the blockchain, aswell as giving fans the opportunity to invest in the band through a new avenue. Supahoney's non-fungible tokens are completely unique and everlasting in nature - and there is something to be said about Supahoney being the first on the Sydney scene to do so."

- Ciaran Heraghty, Drummer and NFT lead.



'Every Cell In Your Body' is an exclusive series of 20 uniquely generated tokens, crafted by Supahoney themselves. Each token differs, in that they feature different segments of the forthcoming debut album from Supahoney 'Every Cell In Your Body', releasing on November 10, 2021. Each token features individually distinctive auditory and visual aspects, including the Supahoney trademark motif and segments of the album itself.